Refrigerated Containers

Refrigerated containers are the most basic and often the most cost effective option for cold storage of small quantities of temperature sensitive products. They can also be mobile, which gives them the advantage of extra flexibility.

Blast Freezers And Chillers

Blast freezers and chillers are ideal for companies who need to quickly cool and store food before it reaches its end consumer. It’s common for some larger restaurants and catering companies to use them.

Pharmaceutical Grade Cold Storage

Hospitals and research institutions may make use of pharmaceutical grade cold storage units. These units are equipped with extra features that make them ideal for biopharmaceuticals, blood, and certain vaccines.

Multi-product Cold Storage

There are infrastructure to accommodate all types of frozen products – retail, bulk or in any unit of measurement. High critical products depending on odour, packaging, veg and non- veg are segregated in the facility

Plant-Attached Cold Storage

Plant attached cold storage is the preferred option for some manufacturers who want to keep their cold storage in house. Products can be transported via conveyor straight from manufacturing to a dedicated cold storage facility on-site.

Dedicated Custom Cold Storage Facilities

As we discussed above, many companies that use cold storage have complex needs based on the nature of their products and the preferences of their end consumers. Those who choose to avoid the cost of an on-site facility will opt to use a custom or dedicated cold storage facility provided by a 3PL

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